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We’re Joe and Tara

No matter how perfect someone’s marriage looks from the outside, every relationship has its struggles. We’ve been married for 26 years and in that time we’ve have had our own share of obstacles. From healing from childhood abuse to battling our own sin and selfishness, we know marriage is not easy. But we do believe when God enters the equation and we surrender our lives to Him, it’s always worth it. Stick around as we share the struggles and stories behind our smiles.

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The Behind Our Smiles Podcast

What we are talking about lately...

I want to hold your hand!

Do you want to hold my hand? Joe asks me this often, usually when he can sense I need some kind of emotional support, or if I’m wearing heels in an icy parking lot and he knows I need physical support. Or when I’m just feeling happy and want to share that happiness. Perhaps my favorite is when we’re ... VIEW POST

Wow God!

Have you ever had that moment in your life where all you could manage to say was, Wow, God?  We have experienced many moments like that in our lives and it never gets old seeing God at work.  In this episode we share some of our favorite Wow God! moments as well as share about the new Wow God ... VIEW POST


How are you and your spouse the same? Sometimes thinking of the ways you are similar takes a bit more thinking. The things we have in common often are what brings us together: our long term goals, maybe similar hobbies, laughing at the same kind of jokes, or even enjoying the same kind of food. ... VIEW POST

We’re so different!

Joe and I are so different. I don’t know if there’s a day that goes by that the thought doesn’t cross my mind. When I was planning out this episode, I thought, this could be a ten-part series!! But we’ll spare you and just keep it to one. Our differences can be a source of extreme frustration and ... VIEW POST

Can you fix this for me?

Joe is the fixer in our house. It seems like every day something breaks or I have to ask, hey babe, can you figure out why this isn’t working right? Why is this making this sound, why is this light blinking?? I especially love having my own personal IT guy for when my technology acts up. Which is ... VIEW POST

Let’s Stay Home!

Would you rather go out, or stay home? Many times the answer for us is “stay home” because there’s something comforting about being in a place where we can let our hair down and just be. In our marriage, even though we don’t always agree about whether to go out or stay in, we both agree on the value ... VIEW POST