By Tara Buchanan

Hi! We’re Joe and Tara and we’re so glad you have stopped by! Peek around for a little bit of our marriage behind our smiles. No one’s story is perfect and every marriage struggles. But we rejoice in the story that God has given us and know that He is not done with us yet. We hope by sharing what God has done in our marriage it will give you hope for yours!
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How Much Equity Do You Have?

Do you have home equity? Joe and I are in the middle of a selling and buying homes as I write this, so the word “equity” has been spoken quite a lot these days.  How much equity do we have in our current home to bring to our next home?   With the way the market has dipped and fluctuated, we know ... VIEW POST

When One Moment Changes Everything

  One of Joe’s favorite movies of all time is Back to the Future.  He loves sci-fi topics and time travel stories and loves pondering the what-if’s.  What if that hadn't happened?  What if that happened instead?  Every decision affects another.  How can one small decision in the past affect ... VIEW POST

What’s Your Back-up Plan?

My husband Joe is a check and double check kind of guy. Ready for anything with all of his safety measures and back-up plans.  So when it comes to keeping our home safe, one sump pump was not enough in his book to protect our basement from flooding. We had had some flooding in a previous house and ... VIEW POST

When You’re Feeling Insecure

Do you ever feel insecure?  Insecurity can feel like a plague.  That annoying sick feeling that you can’t escape.  I’m not enough.  I struggle with insecurity, probably way more than I would care to admit.  Am I really sure of who I am?  Am I really A-OK with whatever others happen to think of ... VIEW POST

When You Don’t Want to Let it Go

Ladies, how many times have you been asked to or begged to let it go? From my anecdotal experience, this is a woman thing but feel free to switch the pronouns!   We've been there countless times. Joe and I see something differently.  Maybe we have a conflict and we talk about it, and Joe feels the ... VIEW POST

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

I could be cooking dinner and messing in the kitchen and Joe will survey the situation and offer a suggestion: "You should move this pot to the back to make room for this?"  And often instead of saying, wow, that would be great, thank you, I just mutter, "Hey I got this, and I want that pot there, ... VIEW POST

When You Feel Misunderstood

One of the most frustrating parts of my marriage is when Joe doesn’t understand me. Yes, this happens a lot.   Joe is the most amazing man ever.  I adore him and desire him and love being with him and but when he does not get me, my first instinct is, I’m done, why do I even try to talk to ... VIEW POST

Surviving Trauma Together

One of the biggest obstacles that Joe and I have faced in our marriage was understanding the effects of childhood trauma and abuse on our marriage.  Maybe it was for the best that Joe and I didn’t realize in the beginning what a big obstacle it would be. (If you haven’t heard his story, he shares ... VIEW POST

When We Can’t See

> The last few years or so I’ve been struggling with finding a pair of contacts that work well for me.  I’ve worn glasses and contacts my whole life since I’m very nearsighted and can’t see anything past three inches from my face.   Since I hit my forties and started having trouble with my ... VIEW POST