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  • •if you want to celebrate all the joys of sticking through the hard times to have a satisfying, exciting marriage.

  • •if one or both of you come from an unstable or abusive family background, we get it. God is greater even when it still hurts. Even if healing takes a lifetime, we believe God can make beauty from our brokenness!

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. -Hebrews 4:16

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you ever feel like there’s no point in talking with your spouse because it’s always a losing propostition? Not just when it’s an argument you’re going to lose, but that your spouse just can’t understand you, so what’s the point? It’s both of you talking, “listening”, saying stuff.  But somehow the important stuff doesn’t […]

Why We Love the Reset Button

  Do you ever get two minutes or so into an argument and you feel the whole thing going downhill?   You know you’re about to say something you probably shouldn’t say.  Then maybe you want to do the right thing, but it feels easier to argue your point.    Joe and I have had […]

How We Keep Stress from Pulling Us Apart

It’s only when you’re squeezed that you find out what’s inside. When stress hits our family, sometimes it’s the ugly that spills out.  It doesn’t always feel like our best moments.   It’s not what we envisioned our marriage would look like when we were standing at the altar. But stressful times are a reality.   […]

When Your Spouse Has Triggers

  It has taken Joe and me years of talking and praying together to help us both understand exactly how his childhood has affected him.  Coming from a broken family and a childhood full of trauma and abuse, we have learned that the healing process is long and much of the pain Joe carries will […]

How We Keep Our Love Life Alive (even with a houseful of kids)

  Early in our marriage, keeping our love life alive was almost effortless.  We’re in love!  Oh how wonderful! But as the years went by and especially as children were added to our  family, cultivating that romance didn’t come as easily.  Joe and I call our kids our chaperones because they work really hard at making […]

When God Says Now

    Ever have one of those moments in your life or your marriage and you knew it was a moment?  That what happened in that moment would determine the outcome of the argument, the direction of the relationship? There have been many of those moments in our marriage.  When we could have let it go either […]

When He’s Not Good Enough

You’re not good enough. It’s a lie you hear every day from the enemy. Affirming your insecurities, telling you all the ways you don’t measure up. In our flesh, we often equate being good with being loved.   All the attention and love and praise you get as a child when you do something good. […]