By Tara Buchanan

Hi! We’re Joe and Tara and we’re so glad you have stopped by! Peek around for a little bit of our marriage behind our smiles. No one’s story is perfect and every marriage struggles. But we rejoice in the story that God has given us and know that He is not done with us yet. We hope by sharing what God has done in our marriage it will give you hope for yours!
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Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

I could be cooking dinner and messing in the kitchen and Joe will survey the situation and offer a suggestion: "You should move this pot to the back to make room for this?"  And often instead of saying, wow, that would be great, thank you, I just mutter, "Hey I got this, and I want that pot there, ... VIEW POST

When You Feel Misunderstood

One of the most frustrating parts of my marriage is when Joe doesn’t understand me. Yes, this happens a lot.   Joe is the most amazing man ever.  I adore him and desire him and love being with him and but when he does not get me, my first instinct is, I’m done, why do I even try to talk to ... VIEW POST

Surviving Trauma Together

One of the biggest obstacles that Joe and I have faced in our marriage was understanding the effects of childhood trauma and abuse on our marriage.  Maybe it was for the best that Joe and I didn’t realize in the beginning what a big obstacle it would be. (If you haven’t heard his story, he shares ... VIEW POST

When We Can’t See

> The last few years or so I’ve been struggling with finding a pair of contacts that work well for me.  I’ve worn glasses and contacts my whole life since I’m very nearsighted and can’t see anything past three inches from my face.   Since I hit my forties and started having trouble with my ... VIEW POST

The Most Important Skill to Master in Marriage

  Not trying to click-bait you but even I get lost in the myriad of how to improve our relationships. Marriage is complicated and it does need so many things to grow, many of which I talk about a lot on this blog. Hmmm... You should work on learning to communicate, being kind, showing ... VIEW POST

When You Don’t Feel Loved

Do you ever feel unloved in your marriage?  Unsettled?  Un-something?  I often let my anxiousness dominate and then I start to feel all antsy, and I start wondering if my husband loves me. Or assuming he doesn't. For me it often starts with me negatively interpreting Joe’s words and actions. By ... VIEW POST

How to Not Ditch Your Spouse for Your Kids (or your phone)

  Have you ever been ditched? Maybe it was in your teen years.  You were looking forward to seeing someone, you had great plans, then night of, bam.  She can't be there, something more fun came up.   (At least when we were kids we didn't have social media to rub it in our faces!)   She ... VIEW POST

How to Defuse an Exploding Kitten (or Argument)

CLICK HERE FOR FREE PRINTABLE DEFUSE CARDS! A few years ago our boys started playing the game, Exploding Kittens.  What?  I thought the same thing.  Eventually I sat down and played with them so I could figure out what all the screaming and excitement was about.  The premise of the game is pretty ... VIEW POST

Five Rules for Fighting Fair

Usually if a couple says that they have been fighting a lot, it’s a bad sign.  You start to think, oh my, their marriage is in trouble!  But is fighting a bad thing? Not necessarily.  It's also true that your marriage is in trouble if you’ve stopped fighting.  No time to fight if you don't even ... VIEW POST