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Thanks for stopping by! We're Joe and Tara and we’re here to share a little bit of what’s behind our smiles. Please stick around...  

    • if you need encouragement in your marriage.

  • • if you need practical ways to grow love and communicate better as a couple.
  • • if you want to look to Jesus for the best example of unconditional, unwavering love.

  • •if you want to celebrate all the joys of sticking through the hard times to have a satisfying, exciting marriage.

  • •if one or both of you come from an unstable or abusive family background, we get it. God is greater even when it still hurts. Even if healing takes a lifetime, we believe God can make beauty from our brokenness!

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. -Hebrews 4:16

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If Your Husband is Emotionally Unavailable

Remember growing up when you used that long corded telephone to call a friend - and then that disappointment when the phone just rang and rang and rang?  Or maybe she wasn't home.   Instead of getting to share your news you get nothing?  It can feel like that with my husband.  Hello??  Is anybody ... VIEW POST

How to Defuse an Exploding Kitten (or Argument)

CLICK HERE FOR FREE PRINTABLE DEFUSE CARDS! A few years ago our boys started playing the game, Exploding Kittens.  What?  I thought the same thing.  Eventually I sat down and played with them so I could figure out what all the screaming and excitement was about.  The premise of the game is pretty ... VIEW POST

Five Rules for Fighting Fair

Usually if a couple says that they have been fighting a lot, it’s a bad sign.  You start to think, oh my, their marriage is in trouble!  But is fighting a bad thing? Not necessarily.  It's also true that your marriage is in trouble if you’ve stopped fighting.  No time to fight if you don't even ... VIEW POST

Are You Keeping Score?

Joe and I love how technology has enabled us to track so many things. We can track meals, workouts, finances, schedules, all this data to see where we stand. But if I'm honest, I also use a couple invisible apps where I track my spouse's behavior.  A little comparison tool to track how he's doing ... VIEW POST

When Your Wife is Emotionally Untethered

CLICK HERE FOR THE PRINTABLE CHEAT SHEET! Are you ever moody?  Overly emotional?  Crazy!!?  Or how about hysterical?  The word hysterical comes from the Greek word hysterika, their word for uterus. Yeah, it was thought the uterus was the cause for women’s excessive emotions and erratic behavior.  ... VIEW POST

22 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Joe and I are celebrating 22 years of marriage!!  As the years go by and the anniversaries keep coming, sometimes it feels like we can get in a rut when we ask each other, so what do you want to do for your anniversary?   We go through that list in our head where we think, ... VIEW POST

When You Feel Disconnected

Who loves plumbing problems?   They can be the worst!  Joe and I will always remember our greatest plumbing fiasco.  The line from our sink that went down and through the basement had gotten stopped up.   After a little investigation, Joe realized this was not just a small clog in the line. There ... VIEW POST