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  • • if you want to look to Jesus for the best example of unconditional, unwavering love.

  • •if you want to celebrate all the joys of sticking through the hard times to have a satisfying, exciting marriage.

  • •if one or both of you come from an unstable or abusive family background, we get it. God is greater even when it still hurts. Even if healing takes a lifetime, we believe God can make beauty from our brokenness!

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. -Hebrews 4:16

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How Vulnerability Makes Us Strong

Joe says that when he chose to marry me he knew he had to give me enough power to completely destroy him. When he says, Tara, you could completely ruin me- that’s the highest compliment he could pay me.    It means I’ve earned a very high level of trust- enough to bring ruin to […]

8 Secrets from 50 Years of Marriage

This week my parents, Tim and Lynette, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! My parents’ faithfulness to God and to each other has been a tremendous example to Joe and me as well as to countless others. We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with them at Behind Our […]

How My Husband Got to be So Good-Looking

Sometimes I have that moment where I look at Joe and think, Wow, is he not the most handsome guy in the world? I mean look at that face and those eyes!!!   It’s not just that I married a handsome guy 🙂   I’m attracted to him!  But that attraction does not happen out […]

The 5 S’s to Serving Your Spouse

We’re all busy these days.  Many times we’re busy serving others, serving our families, serving in the community.   Aren’t we all serving enough?  It’s tempting to put my spouse at the bottom of this list of people to serve.   He can fend for himself, right? But true service doesn’t end in the home, it actually […]

When My Husband Needs Space (and Why)

Confession:  I hate giving Joe space.   I want to be close to him. You know that’s why I dated him, and married him.   Get in his business, in his face.  HI HONEY! I’M HERE!!! I especially thought when we got married that closeness would be a mark a good marriage, right?  We would […]

When We Don’t Agree

Over the years,  Joe has always been more interested in adding a dog to the family, especially for our kids’ sake, but for me the answer was always a big NO WAY NOT EVER. I’ve served my time potty training and cleaning up accidents and chasing  little creatures with attitude. Whenever our boys brought the […]

If Your Husband is Emotionally Unavailable

Remember growing up when you used that long corded telephone to call a friend – and then that disappointment when the phone just rang and rang and rang?  Or maybe she wasn’t home.   Instead of getting to share your news you get nothing?  It can feel like that with my husband.  Hello??  Is anybody home? […]