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We’re Joe and Tara

No matter how perfect someone’s marriage looks from the outside, every relationship has its struggles. We’ve been married for 26 years and in that time we’ve have had our own share of obstacles. From healing from childhood abuse to battling our own sin and selfishness, we know marriage is not easy. But we do believe when God enters the equation and we surrender our lives to Him, it’s always worth it. Stick around as we share the struggles and stories behind our smiles.

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The Behind Our Smiles Podcast

What we are talking about lately...

Don’t Tell Me How to Drive!

Does your spouse’s driving drive you crazy?  Can you get through a road trip without feeling very frustrated? Many of our worst traits show up when we’re on the road and in stressful driving conditions. In this week’s episode, we share how we avoid driving each other crazy while driving!  ... VIEW POST

Make it Right With Christ First

This week we are talking to our new friends Shawn and Jayneen, and theirs is a unique and powerful story.  How does a marriage survive when one spouse is self-destructing?   After their marriage was almost completely destroyed by infidelity and a five-year separation, God redeemed not just their ... VIEW POST

Let’s Cuddle!

Do you like to cuddle with your spouse?  Cuddling isn’t just for babies and puppies!  Taking time each day to hold each other and enjoy that physical closeness is great for our physical and mental health!  In this episode we share about why we love cuddling and how it has benefitted our marriage! ... VIEW POST

I’m Not Talking to You!

This is our final week in our series on the Gottmans’ Four Horsemen.  Our final horseman is stonewalling, which is when one person withdraws and refuses to engage in a conversation. Is stonewalling.  When is stonewalling harmful and when is it helpful?  How do we handle conflict when we are flooded ... VIEW POST

You’re So Stupid!

We are in third week of our series on the Gottman’s Four Horsemen.   One of those most dangerous of all the horsemen is contempt, which John Gottman calls the “sulfuric acid for love”.   Contempt begins when simmering negative thoughts about our spouse grow into a belief that our spouse is inferior ... VIEW POST

You’re So Defensive!

This is our second episode in our series on Gottman’s 4 horseman as we tackle to the topic of defensiveness.  When the horse of defensiveness is running wild in our marriage, we go into self-protection mode and refuse to take responsibility for our behavior. In this episode we’re sharing our ... VIEW POST