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We’re Joe and Tara

No matter how perfect someone’s marriage looks from the outside, every relationship has its struggles. We’ve been married for 24 years and in that time we’ve have had our own share of obstacles. From healing from childhood abuse to battling our own sin and selfishness, we know marriage is not easy. But we do believe when God enters the equation and we surrender our lives to Him, it’s always worth it. Stick around as we share the struggles and stories behind our smiles.

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The Behind Our Smiles Podcast

What we are talking about lately...

That must have been hard for you

Joe and I couldn’t have had more different childhoods.   And one of the challenges for me was truly understanding the trauma and abuse he had endured.  As Joe shared his pain with me, it was learning to step into his shoes for a moment and tell him, that must have been hard for you. Tell me more. ... VIEW POST

God, I trust you with the list.

In this episode, we are going behind the smiles of authors/speakers, Mark and Jill Savage.  After 28 years of marriage,  they experienced one of the hardest challenges a marriage can face: infidelity.  Mark and Jill share some of the slow fades and the spiritual and emotional battles ... VIEW POST

How did you get so good-lookin’?

When we first fall in love, physical attraction can play a big role. Then as time goes by, our attraction to each other deepens beyond the physical.  But does that mean physical attraction doesn’t matter anymore?   Staying attracted to each other is important-  and how we treat each ... VIEW POST

You’re doing it the wrong way!

Does it frustrate you when your spouse does things the wrong way?  You can see their mistakes clear as day, but your spouse is convinced that their way is better.  Or you know what it’s like when the roles are reversed.  You are busy working on a project, and your spouse feels the ... VIEW POST

Do you appreciate me?

Do you feel appreciated?  The word appreciation comes from  the Latin words “toward” and “price“ and first meant, to estimate the quality of.  In more recent times, it means to have a rise in value, or is an expression of favorable estimation.   Appreciation is showing our spouse ... VIEW POST

I’m Feeling Triggered

Do you ever wish that more of life came with trigger warnings?  More often than not, it’s a certain smell, a couple bars of music, or a seemingly unrelated scenario that can bring back the strongest of feelings and memories. And those reactions do affect our marriage whether we intend them to ... VIEW POST