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We’re Joe and Tara

No matter how perfect someone’s marriage looks from the outside, every relationship has its struggles. We’ve been married for 24 years and in that time we’ve have had our own share of obstacles. From healing from childhood abuse to battling our own sin and selfishness, we know marriage is not easy. But we do believe when God enters the equation and we surrender our lives to Him, it’s always worth it. Stick around as we share the struggles and stories behind our smiles.

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The Behind Our Smiles Podcast

What we are talking about lately...

What do you want for Christmas?

Joe and I enjoy giving gifts to each other but we haven’t always gotten it right.  Sometimes I don’t spend enough effort thinking of a gift, and sometimes we both can be hard to buy for.  There’s that pull between wanting your spouse to be surprised and then being disappointed your spouse ... VIEW POST

When We Can’t See

The last few years or so I’ve struggled with finding a pair of contacts that work well for me.  I’ve worn glasses and contacts my whole life since I’m very nearsighted and can’t see anything past three inches from my face.   Since I hit my forties and started having trouble with my lenses, ... VIEW POST

The Unfolding Of Our Story

Joe and I recently had the honor of sharing our story with Meridith Foster, host of The Unfolding Podcast. Joe was Meridith's very first guest when The Unfolding first launched. Now, 108 episodes later, we recorded what we consider to be "Part 2." Page 1, Joe's story, tells the story of how God ... VIEW POST

Are you mad at me?

Like any good wife, I have let things in my marriage bother me, to the point where Joe would ask, “Are you mad at me?” You know, what is your deal, and what is it this time? 🙄 Has your spouse ever used that phrase with you? I absolutely hate that phrase and it has served zero purpose in our ... VIEW POST

Why is it always your past?

This week on the podcast Joe and I wanted to go a little deeper in to our story and the things that we have struggled with.  Namely, his "past".  Early in our marriage, the trauma from his past got brought up a lot.  Maybe we should have given it a name since we talked about it so ... VIEW POST

When You Feel Disconnected

Who loves plumbing problems?   They can be the worst!  Joe and I will always remember our greatest plumbing fiasco.  The line from our sink that went down and through the basement had gotten stopped up.   After a little investigation, Joe realized this was not just a small clog ... VIEW POST