By Tara Buchanan

Hi! We’re Joe and Tara and we’re so glad you have stopped by! Peek around for a little bit of our marriage behind our smiles. No one’s story is perfect and every marriage struggles. But we rejoice in the story that God has given us and know that He is not done with us yet. We hope by sharing what God has done in our marriage it will give you hope for yours!
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Making Your Marriage a Priority (above the kids)

Joe and I love to start our mornings with a cup of coffee and few quiet moments of conversation.  Even with our kids being older- we still get frustrated with the constant stream of interruptions from our kids.  I always look at Joe and tell him how I wonder how we got this popular!  ... VIEW POST

When happiness doesn’t happen

Happiness is often a result of what happens to me.If I want to be happy, I just need good stuff to happen to me, right? Joy is not about what happens to me. Joy is rooted in what Jesus has done for me. Joy is God’s work in my heart, not what life throws at me. Joy is in the perspective that ... VIEW POST

Are you caught in a loop?

Does your marriage have that perpetual problem? You know, the same argument, the same exact conversation, where you say the same exact things and end up in the same spot. One behavior triggers a behavior in the other person, and you both know it was the other person that started it. At least that’s ... VIEW POST

Have you lost yourself?

I know the popular thing to do these days is to “find yourself”, and whatever you do, don’t “lose yourself” in a relationship…. oops. Yeah, I have been with Joe since I was 16, so do I even know who I really am outside of this relationship? Would I walk away from this kind of love to try to find ... VIEW POST

Are you mad at me?

Like any good wife, I have let things in my marriage bother me, to the point where Joe would ask, “Are you mad at me?” You know, what is your deal, and what is it this time? 🙄 Has your spouse ever used that phrase with you? I absolutely hate that phrase and it has served zero purpose in our ... VIEW POST

Top 10 Tips for Teaching Teens/ Part Two

Teen Tips Part One HERE Focus on relationships. The teen years can get a bad rap when it comes to relationships. You say high school, I say drama! High school, drama! And so on. Yes, the drama in the teen years may be inevitable, even if you homeschool lol. But one of the biggest things ... VIEW POST

Give me a win!

Who are my competitive people out there? The ones who don’t want to play but only want to win? What is it about winning that is so much fun? I enjoy winning a lot but when I realize I can’t win, well I take a step back and just say, ah it doesn’t matter. I don’t put nearly as much effort into ... VIEW POST

Top 10 tips for teaching teens /Part One

Disclaimer:  Lest you lump me with the mom of a 6 week old giving baby advice:  I have 3 teenagers as of this writing, 19 1/2, 17, and 14.  So I’m still in the thick of that stage of parenting.  This is my life! However my older two have graduated from homeschool, and that means ... VIEW POST

What if they don’t like reading?

My biggest piece of advice to a homeschooler, or really to any parent in general, is to have their kids read and read a lot.  Learning to read and comprehend all the words out there is such an important skill that translates to all areas of life. The love of reading leads to so many ... VIEW POST

Wanna play a game?

Whether you’re homeschooling or not, playing games is so important!! Games make kids smart. They do. Think of all the skills kids encounter playing games, whether it’s Candyland as a 4 year-old or Risk as a teenager: First, they’re having fun, so their brains and bodies are less stressed and open ... VIEW POST